Wild beauty of Western Serbia – 95 EUR (14+ h)

Uvac meandering river, non-touched nature and most beautiful view ever.


Uvac lake

Ethno village Amerić – authentic ethno experience which will renew your energy as best anti-stress therapy. Warm welcoming hosts, healthy and tasty food, clean air and beautiful nature with farm animals is to be expected. Lunch here is optional.

Uvac – It is simply breathtaking place! By far the most beautiful attraction that can be seen in Serbia. Not frequently visited by tourist which makes it very peaceful place to find inner peace. The lake of Uvac is made in Akmačići village by dam, at the altitude of 985 meters. It’s 27 km long and 108 meters deep. At 885 meters altitude, in Kokin Brod near Nova Varoš, Uvac was held back by another barrier that is 83 meters high and 1.264 meters long. The lake is 27 km long. Uvac lake is famous by it’s meanders which are of the most beautiful nature spots in Serbia. The breathtaking panoramic view can be captured from Molitva (Prayer) point.


Griffon vulture

Another symbol of the Uvac resort is the very unique and rare species of vultures – the white headed vulture (Griffon vulture). Its flight has been studied by scientists – aeronautic engineers that used the knowledge on construction of aircrafts. The role it plays in the food chain is unique and makes them irreplaceable. Its is adopted to a diet of dead animals and therefore stops the spread of diseases and contributes to a kind of “natural recycling”. This magnificent bird with wingspan of 3 meters was very close to extinction. The conservation campaign that started 20 years ago has proved to be very successful.

Presently, the Uvac resort is the home to some 550 white headed vultures that are now flying free above the resort, as an unbeatable attraction for tourists and nature enthusiasts.

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