Vojvodina ethno experience – 65 EUR (8+ h)

Classic panonian experience with Zasavica nature reservate visit, cruise and lunch are optional and spectacular.



Around 80 km from Belgrade lies Fruska Gora, a mountain in north Srem (Vojvodina). Fruska Gora is proclaimed a National Park in 1960. in order to provide its permanent protection and to improve its natural resources and beauty. It hides 16 orthodox monasteries famous for their specific architecture, treasuries, libraries and frescoes. The best known of all of them is Krusedol. The Krušedol Monastery has been built between 1509-1515 by Bishop Maksim Brankovic (earlier Despot Djuradj Brankovic) and his mother Angelina, wife of the blind despot Jovan Brankovic – the last rulers of Serbia from this famous, but tragic lineage of Serbia. Nowadays Krušedol Monastery is the Mausoleum of numerous significant historical persons, boasting graves of despots Brankovics, the Patriarch Arsenije the Third Carnojevich and many more.

Our next stop is Sirmium. The remains of the once prosperous and powerful Roman city of Sirmium are concealed beneath the streets of today’s Sremska Mitrovica. The history of the Roman city begins during the Emperor Augustus’ invasion of Illyricum in 35-33 B.C. and continues all the way to 582 A.D. when the city falls under control of the Avars. Five Roman emperors were born in or near Sirmium: Trajan Decius, Aurelian, Probus, Maximianus Herculius and Gratian. Remains of the palace have been identified in the southeast of Sremska Mitrovica: a basilica and a hippodrome. On other places, two cemeteries, a grain silo, and baths have been identified, while the course of the city wall can be followed for quite some distance.



Zasavica is nature reserve and ethno village in Vojvodina. Preserved authentic landscapes, folklore and cultural-historical monuments, describe Zasavica as unique and complete touristic entirety. Zasavica was formed in 1997. and placed under the state protection as the category I natural treasure of exquisite value. Zasavica has a priority nomination to become a Ramsar site. It is proclaimed an Important Bird Area and since 2001. it is a member of the Europark Federation, federation of the national parks od Europe. Here you can taste Vojvodina’s traditional cuisine along with famous Donkey cheese, the world’s most expensive cheese. It is a crumbly white cheese, popular for its intense flavor and natural saltiness. Enjoy spectacular nature with variety of wildlife and endangered species!

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