Underground & dungeons of Belgrade Fortress – 15 EUR (2+ h)

Belgrade underground tour and dungeons of Belgrade fortressThe best sightseeing tour in Belgrade for the past 3 years, now UPGRADED! Discover Belgrade’s hidden secrets through underground military bunkers, gunpowder storages, caves and dungeons.


Roman Well – Alfred’s Hitchcock favorite spot in Belgrade

Stories of Serbia’s turbulent past cannot be presented by visible remains. You need to go underground to discover its facts. These underground places presents older layers of Belgrade built over ramparts of the conquered city. Belgrade was conquered by various cultures, a scenario which occurred 44 times.

The Roman Well contains traces presently beneath the surface of today’s Belgrade. More likely is that it was actually built in the 18th century by the Austrians and that the name could be connected to their ambition to be considered as the inheritors of the great Roman Empire, or as the holders of the title of the Holy Roman Emperor, a confusing title which came after the actual Roman empire and referred to the ruler of the Germanic lands. Lot of mysteries were connected with it, hence Roman Well is famous movie director Alfred Hitchcock favourite spot in Belgrade.

The underground tunnels bring us to Army bunkers, dated from different times such as the Inform bureau (communist information bureau of East Europe, an important part of communist regime in Yugoslavia during Josip Broz Tito) and the Cold War (period after World War 2).


Big Gunpowder Warehouse

The Big gunpowder warehouse – The man-made cave, built by 16th century Austrians beneath the Kalemegdan Fortress, began life as a warehouse for gunpowder – hence the name. As a result it served as a defense spot of the Christian Europe from the Turkish Empire. This warehouse now acts as Roman lapidarium that keeps sarcophagus, tombs and altars from territory of Serbia.

The last stop on the tour Dungeons or Kazamati. Jails from medieval times with torture mechanisms and exhibition worth seeing in person. Exhibition reflects cruelty of the darkest periods of mankind and torturers used mechanisms deep into the 20th century.

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