Hint hunt – 15 EUR (2+ h)

Test your skills in a challenging Hint Hunt game while exploring Belgrade’s mysterious spots.

Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Since ancient times it has been an important crossing of the ways where the roads of eastern and western Europe meet.

hint hunt

Hint Hunt clue

Discover today’s symbols in Belgrade that represent the Freemasonry in Yugoslavia. Look for a bronze pyramid with listed geographic coordinates of Belgrade. Find the building connecting two important streets which have an eye in the ceiling.

Learn about Belgrade’s oldest house, protected as a historical monument. House was built between 1724. and 1727. Like the oldest house, Belgrade’s oldest restaurant (kafana) also have more than 200 years of tradition.

Discover Belgrade’s spot of horrifying stories and mysteries. It is 60 meters deep and almost 3,5 meters wide, and has a spiral staircase for each direction. It is also Alfred Hitchcock’s favourite spot in Belgrade. Visit the home of once most famous chimp in Belgrade.

To be The Winner, you need to find the monument built to commemorate Serbia’s victory over the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire. Be ready to solve the hints and hunt these famous spots in one of the oldest cities in Europe.

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