Art & design tour – 15 EUR (2+ h)

Young designers and their craftmanship along with urban art work of Savamala at disposal for creative minds.

In last couple of years creativity is blooming in Belgrade, developing independent art & design cultural centers in run down buildings. Visit two most famous and talked districts Čumić District and Savamala District. Along the way we’ll visit Museum of Applied art and pass by new look of Belgrade Art University.

choomich district

Choomich district

Tour starting point is Belgrade Design District (Choomich). First trade center in Belgrade during 90s, after that it was totally forgotten. Today Čumić District is most popular place where Serbian designers and artists have their boutiques and galleries. The idea behind BDD is to mix design, fashion and art – a well known concept in bigger European cities – and to promote innovative Serbian fashion designers.

Museum of Applied Art is specialized for collecting art works of Serbian artist and as well of European and world artists who had relations with our country. In 2016. Museum organized Exhibition marking 50th anniversary of death of great architect Le Corbusier. The facade of University of arts is a mural that represents the freedom of expression of the young artist, with the aim to bring art to the citizens passing by it.

savamala art and design

„La Santa de Beograd”

Walking through Savamala graffiti area, ex-industrial zone on the river, below Brankov bridge and near the center of the city, known as the creative hub of Belgrade. We’ll pass by some of nicest and biggest building murals in Belgrade, such as „La Santa de Beograd” (by Giom Olbi Remed), “Waiting for the Sun” (by Aleksandar Maćašev) and “Imitation of Life #9” (artistic duo Nevercrew) and realize why this street is core of design, night life and culture events. Štab Gallery is one of the most popular galleries and event venue in Belgrade its construction makes it very unique, as it is part of Branko’s Bridge.

On the another side of the street there is Spanish house. At first Customs house, later used as Navigation museum and the latest investor intended to turn house into a hotel. Due to financial problems he had to pull back with the project, after the interior of the building had already been demolished. From year 2012. it is in under direction of Goethe Institute, and from then on it is space for art and cultural events. Near Spanish house there is KC Grad. For the first time in our country an object of industrial heritage becomes a place of cultural events. The old warehouse was built back in 1884., turned into a multifunctional space with the possibility of organizing programs such as exhibitions, concerts, debates, performances, conferences and workshops. Further we are going toward “Geozavod” building, unofficially declared as the most beautiful building in Belgrade, and Mikser house. Creative hub where it’s Balkan Design Shop is true “mecca” for all lovers of good and interesting design. The idea that stands behind Mikser house is to gather and offer works created by young and talented Serbian and regional designers at one place.

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