Belgrade escape : Naive art – 35 EUR (6+ h)

Naive art exibitions and small town of Vrsac visit, for artistic souls.

Vrsac town

Kovacica ”the Metropole of the naive art“, located in the Banat district of Vojvodina province, this tiny, ethnically diverse village is well-known for its <href=””>naive art. Naive art colourfully depicts daily life – local farms, families, houses, harvests, weddings and wheat fields. Most of all traditional values and culture of which the local population is fiercely proud of. First naive art gallery opened in 1955., the first of its kind in our country. Enjoy some unique artworks and learn about an almost vanished way of life.

Visit the town’s best gallery before continuing to the city of Vrsac, a town of 40.000 inhabitants. One of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Vojvodina, situated on the edge of the Panonian Plain, only 14 km far from the Romanian border. A region of green hills and vineyards, where sweet red grapes produce a fine wine. After a visit to a local vineyard you can enjoy a hearty lunch washed down by plenty of wine.

Afterwards explore the medieval monastery Mesic, a Serb Orthodox monastery situated near the village of Mesić. It was founded in the first half of the 11th century, more precise in 1033. by the disciples of Saints Cyril and Methodius. Admire its frescoes before returning to Belgrade.

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