Bohemian evening – 35 EUR (3+ h)

The real way to experience the bohemian spirit and charm of Belgrade is by eating at a Serbian traditional restaurants – Kafanas, and drinking at its authentic bars.

Serbian cuisine is similar to other Balkan countries, with specialties that it can claim for its own. The long Ottoman occupation clearly had some influence, especially in the wide range of grilled meats. In fact, Serbs enjoy eating meat in as many ways as they can think of cooking it.


Bohemian Dinner

Sweets and pastries are well catered for in Serbia, often offered in table service. Fresh domestic coffee – unless it says otherwise, means strong and thick Turkish coffee.

Serbians are proud of their wine but probably more enthusiastic about the range of alcoholic spirits they produce. Rakija – which is normally a spirit made of plums, grapes or cherries – tends to be used as a generic term for any sort of strong liquor, especially if homemade.

Enjoy a pleasant bohemian evening while eating and drinking Serbian traditional specialties at the old bohemian quarter, Skadarlija. Every glass of wine, rakija or beer will be followed by legends and anecdotes that led to these noble drinks. In every Kafana visited, you will be recommended some specialties of the Serbia’s national cuisine.

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