Belgrade escape : Relax – 35 EUR (6+ h)

Short escape from city jungle, perfect getaway for nature lovers.

Belgrade escape relax museum of aviation

Aviation museum

Departure from Belgrade to Surcin airport, less than 20 km from city center. Visit to Museum of Aviation made in 1957., one of the biggest museum of that type in the world. Almost 200 airplanes, 130 airplane motors, radars, rockets, and over 20.000 books and technical documentation can be find thus making the collection quite respectable.

After museum tour leads us to Stremen Salas on the slope of Jakovacka forest where you will meet domestic and authentic area of Srem (Vojvodina) ambient. In the Salas tourist can find ethno restaurant with authentic Srem food and cuisine along with horse club “Stremen”. You can have horse riding experience or take lessons if novice.

Nautical village

Located in Boljevci city, nautical village Biser (meaning Pearl) presents first nautical village of that kind in Serbia. Complex of 16 modern houses on the same water line looking like a string of pearls from the distance, makes nautical village Biser rather great place for rest, fishing and recreation.

On the end of our Escape Tour : Relax we will enter Bojcinska Forrest, a swampy forrest located between the villages of Progar, Boljevci and Asanja, in the municipality of Surcin. In beautiful and relaxing area we will visit Bojcinska Cottage, where every season Bojcinsko Culture Summer is held. In year 2010. a theatre was built, and as a result every summer it is used for special events. There is also an art colony in the forest which consists of six wooden houses.

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