Belgrade kayak tours – from 25 EUR

When you are suggested to take a tour of Belgrade rivers that doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you will go on a boat cruise. Another option, adventure-oriented tours by kayak gives a closer insight into the Belgrade bridges and the Great War Island.

Tour “Six Bridges of the Sava River” takes you to a 3 hour kayak sightseeing journey along one of two city rivers. During the tour you will hear more about the history of Belgrade and bridges, architectural heritage, learn kayak skills and see the city from an entirely different perspective.

“War Island Kayak Tour” opens the world a wildlife situated in the midst of the Danube River. While kayaking around island and making stops at the Lido beach and Great Gališaj Channel you will learn more about the origin of the Great War Island and its interesting and unique wildlife, especially birds.

Both tours are organized during warm months, usually from May to October and are weather dependent.

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