Emperor Constantine & Devil’s town – 95 EUR (14+ h)

Visit Emperor Constantine’s birthplace Nis and one of new world wonders of Devil’s town.


Skull Tower

Niš, once known as Naisus, one of the oldest cities in Europe and long considered a gateway between the East and the West. Also notable as the birthplace of Constantine the Great, the first Christian Roman Emperor and the founder of Constantinople, as well as two other Roman emperors, Constantinus III and Justin I. There have been humans here since Neolithic times, but the city really took off during the reign of Constantine the Great. Walk in the footsteps of wealthy Romans at the Mediana where you’ll explore an archeological site of a Roman estate. See remains of an ancient luxurious villa, water tower and bathhouse. The museum houses sculptures and portraits of Roman gods and goddesses, utensils for daily use, and other objects unearthed at the site. Next, head to Ćele Kula where you will see the unique monument – tower made of the skulls of Serbian fighters who rose up against Ottomans…and paid the ultimate price. The next important site is Crveni Krst (Red Cross), a former concentracion camp, set up by the Germans during World War 2, for a sobering look at the horrors of war. Finally, we’ll visit Niš fortress, located in the core of the city, on the bank of the Nišava river. It is one of the best preserved and most beautiful medieval fortresses in central Balkans.


Devil’s Town

“Devil’s Town” – New Seven Wonders of Nature nominee! Located in the South of Serbia, 89 km southwest of Niš and 288 km away from Belgrade. This natural monument is comprised of two natural and rare in the world phenomena: the soil figures (specific forms of relief) and two springs of extremely acid water with high mineralization. These two rare phenomena are together observed as the “Devil’s Town”, and are a remarkable wonders of nature. It features 202 exotic formations described as earth pyramids or “towers”, as the locals refer to them. The peculiarity of these wonders of nature is complemented by the natural surroundings, almost mystical, and in the wider area picturesque and tame. The remains of a settlement, the old church and a few interesting mining groves, only add to the uniqueness of this place.

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